Neanderthal Man is a sub species to Homo Sapiens. They are very different than Homo Erectus. This latin name means 'Wise Man'. They lived from about 100,000 years ago to about 40,000 years ago.

This 'Wise" group lived in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Russia. Unlike Homo Habilis or Homo Erectus, Neanderthal wore clothing. Very simple clothing, but still clothing. This clothing was fur blankets wrapped around themselves with maybe a hole at the top for their head to go throug. like i said, very simple clothing.

Neanderthal Man was short, and stalky, with large muscles,and bowed legs. Very different from Homo Erectus or Homo Habilis. They also had very bad posture, lower flatter heads on top, and their heads bulged out at the back and sides. Their chins receded, very similar to Homo Erectus, but with larger cheeks, and very prominent eyebrow ridges. Neanderthal Man had the same sized brain as the modern humans, and many have had arthritis.

This is a picture of Neanderthal Man making a spear to hunt with.

Neanderthal Man hunted  in groups of men, but only brought back scraps for their tribe, because they ate what they could while they were hunting and brought whatever needed to be cooked, or  worked with to be made into tools, clothing, or structures. Their tools were much more advanced than even Homo Erectus' tools, and they all had a specific job. New tools were made when new jobs were needed to be used as in making furs, hides, or new weapons.

Neanderthal manate wooly mammoth, wooly sabertooth tiger, wooly rhinocerous, and other large animals that lived at the ice age. Unlike earlier groups Neanderthal Man lived through the ice ages so had to eat more meat to stay alive, because most of the plants that the other groups  had, couldn't grow because there was too much ice, and the ground was frozen solid. So they had to eat cooked meat, and marrow eggs, and berries to sustain life.

Neanderthal Man had a more advanced shelter than Homo Erectus. It was consturucted of stretched animal hides over large animals' bones, and also in caves and in branch shelters. Being Very different from Homo Erectus and Homo Habilis, Neanderthal Man has beliefs, ceremonies and celebrations, and they buried their dead. This group was the first to have a permitive religion and to have beleifs, the first to care for their sick,and the first to have simple clothing as well.

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