Homo Erectus is a latin phrase meaning 'Upright Man'. These were the first humans to walk upright. Unlike Homo Habilis who walked and looked more as an ape than modern humans.

Homo Erectus lived form about 1.5 million years ago to about 250 thousand years ago. Homo Habilis lived from about one to two million years ago.

This group lived Europe, a colder climate than Homo Habilis , Asia, China and Indonesia, also colder climates, and the island of Java. The main reason why this group could live in cooler climates than Homo Habilis was because their brain was larger, had a higher capacity for knowledge, and they now understood how to use fire. Homo Habilis' brain was too small and didn't have the capacity for that type of knowledge.

In this picture there is a man from the group, Homo Erectus also making tools to help his tribe.

Homo Erectus is very different in many ways. There are not as many similarities between Homo Erectus, and Homo Habilis as there are between Homo Erectus and Neanderthal Man. But there are also many differences between Homo Erectus and Neanderthal Man. For example, Homo Erectus' brain is about 54 to 67 cubis inches and Neanderthal Man was about the same size as modern day humans' brains. Homo Erectus' teeth were also slightly smaller than Homo Habilis, because of the  fact that they  were able to cook their meat and food unlike Homo Habilis, who had no idea what fire was, and had thought only to be afraid of it.

 Homo Erectus' skull was very thick, with a sloping forehead, large eyebrow ridge, massive jaw and a very flat face. They, like Homo Habilis, also wore no clothes. They ate very similar foods as Homo Habilis, wild animals meat, not always raw, nuts, and wild beries.

 Homo Erectus lived in large wooden huts big enough to sleep at least 20 people. They were about 27  feet long and 15 feet wide. They were built of branches, with two wodden posts holding up the roof. It also had large rocks stacked around the base for support and protection against the wind.

Homo Erectus did not have any recreational or cultural events in their culture. But they were the first to cook their food, walk fully upright, and make fire. Their tools were also much more job specific than the Homo Habilis. They were much more advanced and more suitable and sufficient.

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