With Reading about all four of these groups, Homo Habilis, Homo Erectus, Neanderthal, and Cro-Magnon, you may be wondering, what's the reason for this? Well I'll tell you. There is good reason for all of this. It is so that we will learn about our history, where we came from, and maybe even why we're here. Or maybe if we learn enough about our past, we could learn about how we got here, like if we transformed from monkeys, if we came from some far away planet and decided to stay on earth millions of years ago, or some kind of religious story, that your beliefs have taught you to think. But whatever you decide to believe, we hope to figure out what the real answer is one day. If you look at Homo Habilis compared to how you are now, if we took a Homo Habilis 'person', and put them in the present day they would look at it like "What am i supposed to do here?" if they could even get their minds that far. So if you look at their intelligence, comopared to your own, we are like Albert Einstein compared to some 3 month old baby!  But what really gets me is that if you think about something and you want to tell someone it, you can! You are completely able to think aloud, where-as Homo Hablils and Homo Erectus, they could think about something, and have no idea how to put it into action, because they didn't have the brain capacity. Think of shopping at the mall, you can rip your skinny's and go and buy a new pair any day you like, well Homo Habilis and Homo erectus,they would have no idea what was on your body because they walked around stark naked! They had no idea about any clothing back then, it was no big deal. And even in these last 100 years. Our lives have become so much easier, and we have become so much lazier, we can watch a DVD instead of video cassette, we can listen to CDs instead of waiting for the tape to get to your favourite song, you can talk to your friends on the computer, instead of walking all the way to their house, and asking them if they've got a copy of yesturdays math homework because you went home sick and forgot to grab it, so you can even get a ride after you've called this person! That makes life easier! Homo Erectus, Homo Habilis, Neanderthal, and Cro-Magnon, they had no idea what any of the things we have are! But the things we think out of the ordinary not to have, they would think out of the ordinary to even hear the word. We have changed in every way, shape or form possible since these early species of man. We have so much technology that we use it to it's end, and then buy more. So be greatful for what you have, because looking back at how they lived their lives and then thinking about how we complain about a few chores here and there or keeping our rooms clean, just think, I could be like that, working my butt off just to sustain life. Well you can do nothing and still sustain life. So there are no worrie's there!

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